Rugged Liner

Rugged Liner® is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality aftermarket and OEM truck accessories including pickup truck bed liners, bed covers, and wheel well liners. Since they opened their doors in 1995 in Owosso, MI, Rugged Liner has grown to two facilities totaling 450,000 square feet, and 140 employees. They have been recognized for their export efforts, currently shipping into more than 70 countries.

In October of 2016, Rugged Liner® joined the Truck Hero, Inc. family of brands, a market leading company known for its quality and breadth of product lines, engineering, and innovation.


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About Rugged Liner

Rugged Liner truck bedliners have been quality tested against the competition to prove that our liners are the thickest in the industry with a superior skid- resistant floor. Our Made in the USA patented Rugged Liner bedliners provide your truck with tough, affordable protection. Rugged Liner bedliners provide front rail, side rail, base and tailgate protection.

We have been supplying the dealers here in Trinidad with this liner for over ten (10) years now and has never had a single warranty issue.

Features of Rugged Liner
Our rugged liner is 5mm thick providing superior bed protection. It is made from durable, high-density polyethylene material to protect against dents, dings and scratches

Our rugged liners are installed with 1 ½ x 1 ½ x 16” aluminum angles for side rail protection. 

The trays are coated with our Krown Rust Protection to prevent corrosion.
Our rugged liners for open tray pick-ups are guaranteed to outlast and outperform all other options available in the market including: spray on liners, plywood and the 3mm thickness liners with plastic edges from Thailand.

We offer a 2 year warranty however our rugged liners are known to last beyond 10 years.

Our Installation Process of Rugged Liners

Our installation process takes approximately 2-3 hours and involves the installation of the liner twice. During the first installation, the liner is screwed on the inside of the tray with Rugged Liner tech point screws.

After the first install, we remove the screws and the liner so we can extract all the metal filing and metal dust created while drilling in the tech point screws. These metal fillings if not removed and allowed to stay between the liner and the tray will cause the tray to rust within hours.

Finally wet coat the entire tray with the world-famous Krown rust protection.

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