Serving the Automotive Industry since 2007

Direct Buy Auto Supply Ltd. is a one stop where you can get your vehicle completely redesigned, refurbished or upgraded to OEM specification.

Our services ranges from the supply and install of genuine accessories for Suv’s, Sedans and Pickups such as Body kits, Leather interiors, Infotainment systems, Security systems, Tonneau covers and Bed liners all the way to Detailing services, Rust treatment, Floor mats and Floor liners.

We are the largest supplier of genuine Korean accessories for KIA and HYUNDAI vehicles and we also supply the new car dealers with the top brands of aftermarket upgrades such as the world-famous Weather Tech mats, Imapar leather interiors, Pace Edwards tonneau covers, Rugged Liner bedliners, Krown rust treatment and Air Design body kits.

At Direct Buy Auto Supply Ltd. we ensure that the brands we carry meets and exceeds international manufacturing standards ensuring you get products that are environmentally safe, problem free and will outlast any other alternative or imitation brands, plus ALL of our brands are backed by a 2-year warranty and installed by our qualified technicians at no cost to you.

Serving the industry since 2007:
Direct Buy Auto Supply Ltd. was founded in 2007 but we have been in the Automotive industry for over twenty-five 25 years and have been working directly with the new car dealers for the past fifteen (15) years bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience directly to our customers.
We have an outstanding performance record and always put quality first. We are extremely careful with the staff we choose and the brands we carry.
Our proactive team always goes above and beyond to assist our customers with a friendly and professional approach.
Our organisation is customer-focused and committed to delivering consistent quality products. We also care very much about our environment and only partner with companies who monitor and control the environmental impact of their operations by managing the use of natural resources, energy and waste. All of our brands are ISO certified and are manufactured in the USA, Canada, South America and South Korea.



To lift the bar in customer service in the Automotive industry.  As we continue to go above and beyond for our customers we hope to lead by example and inspire our clients and our competitors to follow us along this path to improve the customer service in the entire Automotive industry.



Direct Buy Auto Supply Ltd. will continue to invest in the best people and better products with our customers in mind. We will also continue improving our work environment for our customers and for our employees. Our response time, follow up and warranty is second to none in the Automotive after sales industry and we stay committed to maintaining our great service at very affordable prices.

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